Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tips to save money on your grocery bill

I discovered this place with my sister-in-law recently in Centreville, VA called Grand Village. It is an Asian Grocery Store that mainly carries Asian food but, also carries alot of mainstream items. The store opened recently and is amoung a chain of Asian grocery stores in Fairfax, VA that all start with the name "Grand" well anyway I discovered that they have the cheapest and most affordable produce.

For example:
One whole fresh pineapple cost .99cents each.
1 box of 8 count of Mangos cost: $3.99
4 bunches of spring onions or green onions cost $1.00
5 limes for $1.00

I could go on and on with the low prices but, there are just too many to name.
Most people do not know that certain Asian Grocery stores carry the same items as the regular big standard chains do but, their prices are much lower than you would expect on certain items. Its worth checking out. I know most of you that read this may not live where I live but, with a little research in your area I am sure you discover and Asian Grocery store nearby go in and check it out. You will be amazed with your find.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello Everyone

It has been about a week since I posted anything on this blog.

I have been very busy with random things.

I went to Metro Cooking show in Washington DC this past weekend.  Where they have tons of exhibitors giving out samples and promoting their products. It was fun. They even had celebrity chefs such as Giada, Paul Deen, Guy and many more.

I was lucky to be able to catch Giada's and Paula's shows. Both were very good.
I even ran into Giada in the ladies room. She was so nice exactly how she is on TV.

If you have a chance to ever attend one of these events I would highly recommend to check it out.

I believe the URL is they hold this event in several locations in the US. There might be one near you.