Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lotte In Chantily, Virginia

Here is a hard to find place with great Asian food. It is actually a grocery store that sells all  types of Asian foods and products, it also carries some mainstream items but, if you go near the back of the store, you will be surprised to find a food court serving up all types of Asian foods such as, Korean bbq, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese soups and dishes. This place has it all a one stop shop.

The prices are reasonable and you get alot for the money. With the meal or appetizer you purchase you also get free miso soup, water and tea. It is a great place to stop in and have a casual lunch with your family and or friends. Afterward you can do a little shopping and when I say "afterward" you know the old saying never go into a grocery store hungry :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice, gotta check it out sometime